Successfully upgraded sidux with KDE4 and Xserver-Xorg

Last week, I could successfully upgrade(dist-upgrade in debian terms) sidux.

This is very significant,  because I have been using sidux since its 2007-01 version and I have never reinstalled the system. The last week’s upgrade brought in new KDE 4 and also Xserver-Xorg.

The upgrade  went smooth with the help of the how-to   posted by the sidux team. Kudos to them.

Because of the new X-server upgrade, I had problems with tapping of my synaptics touchpad on my dell inspiron. Here is a general how-to posted on sidux site, which may apply to other systems with some changes.

There was only a small issue with kmix which showed the wrong channel as default one, this is not at all a big deal considering the critical nature  of the upgrade. I may discover some other minor issues in the course of time, but they will surely be fixed.

I use openbox as my main WM (Window Manager), but I also keep Kde installed as fallback DE (Desktop Environment) and to be honest, I was also curious about how the new Kde will be. As an eternal WM hopper I am constantly looking for something new :).

Such upgrades are only possible with rolling distributions like debian and  hard work by the sidux team to integrate the changes as smoothly as possible. This cannot even be imagined with release based operating systems or linux distributions.